The Valuation Survey ...

A Property Valuation or House Valuation is a professional opinion on the present market value of a property. The Property Valuation takes into account any significant defects and legal matters that may influence future saleability. House Valuations can be used for legal purposes, such as probate or matrimonial proceedings.

Please note: This service is for an independent RICS red book valuation, which can be used for an individual client (or sometimes for court purposes). We are unable to provide a valuation for lending purposes ie mortgage valuations. Banks and Building Societies would normally insist on using their own surveyors.

A Property Valuation is useful in a number of different circumstances, such as when:

  • You require information on the capital value of a property
  • You need to agree a reasonable purchase price for a property and require a professional, objective opinion
  • You are involved in legal proceedings, such as probate, matrimonial affairs and tax cases, in which House Valuations must be presented

Please note that a Property Valuation is not the same as a Survey. The level of inspection involved is designed to determine significant faults or legal implications. House Valuations are less detailed and less costly than a full Building Survey.

The Residential Surveyors we instruct are among the very best in the country. All are fully qualified members of the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS). Each Surveyor is also highly experienced in undertaking Property Valuations.